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The Traitor

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In this electrifying ninth installment of the award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling Michael Vey series, the Electroclan must fight a former friend to save their captured ally!

With Tara still in the clutches of the Elite Elgen Guard Unit the Chasqui and their malevolent leader, the Sovereign Amash, Michael Vey and the Electroclan have no choice but to continue the fierce battle that has been waging since their arrival in Peru. But saving one of their own means battling a onetime teammate, as Jack has turned traitor and joined forces with Amash and his men.

At the same time, the clan must work with the Alpha Team to act before the Chasqui can put their plan to destroy the city of Arequipa into motion. And when Taylor makes a bold yet dangerous move to save her sister, the urgency climbs even higher.

With so many lives at stake, the Electroclan has no time to waste, and no room for error as they take on this latest growing threat.



Join the Electroclan and be the first to hear of the team's latest adventures.


Join the Electroclan and be the first to hear of the team's latest adventures.

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The first book in the Michael Vey series by #1 bestselling author Richard Paul Evans. At a time when the YA (Young Adult) genre is flooded with increasingly darker and hostile themes, Michael Vey is an adventure story about hope, loyalty, courage and a son’s love for his mother. With strong, likeable characters, genuinely realistic and frightening villains and “high energy” tension, Michael Vey is a series that will resonate with youths and adults alike.

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When Richard was 29 years old, he wrote a Christmas book for his two young daughters. That book changed his life when it became a bestseller and, after its success, he became a full-time writer. Since then, Richard has written more than 40 New York Times best-selling novels.

Like Michael Vey, Richard also has Tourette’s Syndrome. Richard wrote Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 for his son, Michael.


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